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Welcome to my website

Hello everyone. I'm Tony Jameson, a stand up comedian from the north-east, and this, right here, is my website. Welcome. Feel free to have a look around. No need to take your shoes off either, we're all friends.

So what can you expect to find round here?

Well, I've got a section where I've put all my gigs, should you wish to come and see a show.

I am currently performing or compering at the top weekend clubs, along with various other independent promoters, across the country.

These include The Stand, Off The Kerb, Glee, House of Fun, Last Laugh, Just The Tonic, Highlight, Hilarity Bites, Ten Feet Tall, Comedy Central.

I have been fortunate enough to have supported WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley as part of his UK tour. I even did a couple of pre-tour warm up shows for Kevin Bridges, Stewart Francis and Frankie Boyle at The Stand. I was also part of Dave's Comedy in the Dark tour in 2012, and performed at BBC Comedy Presents at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013.

I have performed the following shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

2014 Tony Jameson: The Rules of Engagement @ The Stand

2013 Tony Jameson: Football Manager Ruined My Life @ The Stand

2012 Tony Jameson & Katie Mulgrew: Tell Tales @ The Stand

If you click on the banner adverts at the top of this site (provided you haven't got some kind of ad blocking software running) you'll get more info on other shows I'm doing / working on.

We've made a section for a blog on this site. I've been told I'm supposed to write in it. Whether I find anything to write about may be a different story entirely, but its there, so pop the kettle on and have a read. 

Finally, maybe you've got a Football Manager story you want to share. Maybe you've found a beer I might like (real ale please). You might just want to drop me an email to say hello. Or even better, offer me a gig (that would be nice). To do that, simply click the email button at the top.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tony x