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About me

Hello everyone. I'm Tony Jameson, a stand up comedian from the north-east (Washington, to be exact), and this, right here, is my website. Welcome. Feel free to have a look around. No need to take your shoes off either, we're all friends.

I first stepped on stage in September, 2008, where I set about balancing the life of a full time college lecturer with that of an aspiring comedian. Cut forward to August 2012, where I quit my job (OK, I got made redundant) and made the transition to full time comic, and have enjoyed every (most) minute of it. I've been fortune enough to perform all over the country, with some of the biggest acts on the circuit, and at the best comedy clubs the UK has to offer.

Where I gig

I am currently performing at, or compering the top weekend clubs, along with various other independent promoters, across the country.

These include The Stand, Off The Kerb, Glee, Manfords Comedy Clubs, Avalon, House of Fun, Last Laugh, Just The Tonic, Jongleurs, CKP, Hilarity Bites, Ten Feet Tall, Comedy Central, etc.

I have performed the following shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

2015 Tony Jameson: Football Manager Ruined My Life (Data Update) @ The Stand

2014 Tony Jameson: The Rules of Engagement @ The Stand

2013 Tony Jameson: Football Manager Ruined My Life @ The Stand

2012 Tony Jameson & Katie Mulgrew: Tell Tales @ The Stand

In September, 2014, I embarked on my first UK tour, with my 'Football Manager Ruined My Life' show. This was a fantastic experience for me, and my tour agents are currently booking more dates for 2015.

Non stand up work

In terms of media work, like most other comics, I run my own podcast with fellow comedians Danny Deegan and Rob Mulholland, called 'Yet Another Comedy Podcast' which can be found on iTunes. I'd heartily recommend you subscribe to that.
I've also been in a movie. I appear quite a bit in 'Football Manager: An Alternative Reality' which was a fantastic project to be involved with. The film was screened at 60 VUE Cinemas across the UK, and in 48 different countries. It's available to buy on the internet and in shops, should you wish to have a watch. I also did a bit of writing for 'The Secret Footballer', which was a lot of fun.

So that's a bit of background about me, so you're probably wondering what can you expect to find on my website?

Navigating my website

Well, I kept it fairly simple. I've got a section where I've put all my gigs, should you wish to come and see a show.

If you click on the banner adverts at the top of this site (provided you haven't got some kind of ad blocking software running) you'll get more info on other shows I'm doing / working on.

We've made a section for a blog on this site. I've been told I'm supposed to write in it. Whether I find anything to write about may be a different story entirely, but its there, so pop the kettle on and have a read. 

There's a mailing list set up now. I won't bombard you with loads of spam, but it's handy for keeping up-to-date in what's new in Tony World. You can follow me on the various social networks I use too.

Get in touch

Finally, maybe you've got a Football Manager story you want to share. Maybe you've found a beer I might like (real / craft ale please). You might just want to drop me an email to say hello. To do that, simply click the email button at the top.

If you would like to book me for a gig, please drop me an email

Football Manager Ruined My Life bookings are handled by Warren Lakin, who can be reached on

Thanks for stopping by.

Tony x